Students express self-love during Body Monologues

Freshman Haley Meyer: “You can’t always change everything about yourself, but you can learn to love those parts.”

The Body Monologues, similar to the well-known Vagina Monologues, gave students a chance to speak about issues of self-image on Wednesday night.

Body Monologues, hosted by the Multicultural Center, is part of a week-long celebration of body positivity through the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

The goal of the event was to empower students who struggle with body issues through spoken word. Student performers informed others of the importance of having a positive body image.

“I think it’s important because we are all given this one body, and everyone critiques your body,” sophomore performer Amuche Nwafor said.

Some of the topics covered by the artists included recovery from eating disorders, being confident in who you are and coping with crude comments from society and family members.

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. This awareness week serves to educate the public on the dangers, causes and treatments of eating disorders, according to the website.

“When people think of eating disorders, they think of a very specific stereotype, and not everyone fits into that,” freshman Sophia Faiella said. “Not all eating disorders look the same.”

For some performers, speaking in front of their peers about their journey to accepting their bodies was a form of therapy. Freshman Haley Meyer noted that she was able to get out of her comfort zone and share issues that she has just recently began working to overcome. The encouragement and support from the crowd allowed performers to be completely open with themselves and others watching, she said.

During and after the show, audience members and performers were encouraged to write a message about body positivity on a whiteboard and were photographed holding the sign up. Little slips of paper that let audience members fill in what they loved about their bodies were passed around.

“The whole week of body positivity and trying to love your body is really great, and it could essentially help someone who is insecure about how they look or how they feel,” senior Ana Gonzalez said.

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