Students, faculty affirm Willard"s MSA appointment

Some students have expressed concern about a recent appointment to the future MSA executive Cabinet, but many others affirm the recent decision.

MSA President-elect Rob Willard recently appointed Marjon Ames as director of the Department of Student Services. Annalese Zawodny, the department's current director, said Ames is qualified for the position but understands why some have questioned the appointment.

She said she believes some people were concerned about the appointment because Cabinet interviews were done one-on-one with Willard, and the two are a couple.

"Her work is good," Zawodny said. Ames deserved the position, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the appointment, Zawodny said.

Others, such as Kathy Murray, assistant director of Campus Activities, concurred.

"She seems qualified to me to head the department," Murray said.

Willard said he consulted people before deciding how to conduct the interviews.

"The reason interviews were one-on-one is because I was making the decisions," Willard said. "If you look at the cold facts, both candidates were equally qualified."

Willard said his deciding factor was Ames' commitment to restructuring the department.

"The DSS has been racked with problems, and it needs someone with the will and the courage to change," he said. "Most of [the concern], I think, is a fear of what change might happen."

Ames has worked for the DSS and headed the new Department of Publicity and Promotions.

Willard said he feels he made the correct decision for the position.

"Marjon Ames is the best candidate for DSS director," Willard said. "I felt Marjon was the person prepared to do the most change."

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