Students look for deals in selling back books

1Up Books and Textbook Game are alternatives to the Bookstore.

Students selling their textbooks as the semester and their classes end have various options both on and off campus. Seeking more convenient locations and more money for certain books, some students are heading to stores other than University Bookstore before winter break.

Student Auxiliary Services spokeswoman Michelle Froese said University Bookstore offers top dollar for books used for required classes at MU.

"Competition is fine, but the other vendors may not be buying back books for required classes, and may not be able to offer top dollar," Froese said.

The bookstore foregoes the costs of shipping books by selling them back to students in the spring.

"University Bookstore buys back required books for classes offered the next semester," Froese said. "We would rather buy the books from our students than from a used book company, as we don't have to pay for shipping."

Junior Aimee Hall said she chooses to sell her textbooks at University Bookstore mainly due to its convenient location.

"To be honest it's just closer," Hall said. "Also, I tried other places the first year and a half I went to MU, but I didn't think I was getting any more money back than what the school's bookstore could give me."

The Textbook Game, located near Hitt Street garage, aims to attract customers with its prices and atmosphere.

"Customer service is what we have to offer," store manager Eric Pherigo said. "We'll tell them if they can get a better deal at the school's bookstore."

Pherigo said his store's atmosphere is more inviting and less hectic than University Bookstore.

"Plus, we have a nicer environment here," Pherigo said. "We give out hot cocoa, we have a dog and nice music playing."

The Textbook Game's downtown location also makes the store a more convenient option for some students.

"Parking is closer, for one," senior Adam Garb said. "Normally I just sell them online, but I figured I'd try a bookstore this year."

1Up Books, operating under a heated tent on the corner of Ninth Street and University Avenue, also tells its customers if they can receive more money for a book at University Bookstore.

"We're honest with our customers," 1Up Books Co-owner Brandon Knoblauch said. "We will tell people if they're getting the best deal with us or not."

Knoblauch said the store is also flexible with prices for certain books.

"We're also willing to negotiate within reason, which the bookstore doesn't do," Knoblauch said.

Freshman Luke Sanders said he'd never sold his textbooks back before but chose 1Up Books because he'd heard it gave more money back to students than University Bookstore.

"From what I know, this place gives you back more money for your books," Sanders said. "This is my first time selling my books back, so I just went off of what my friends told me and they told me to go here."

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