Students vote to end joint session because of safety threats

Students left Tate Hall with their arms linked together and were escorted by police. Joint Session is rescheduled for Tuesday Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. at Schlundt Hall 103.

The fall 2015 joint session of MU student governments, hosted this semester by the Panhellenic Association, passed four resolutions on Nov. 10. Due to safety threats on campus, the organizations in joint session unanimously voted to end early.

The Missouri Students Association, Graduate Professional Council, Residence Halls Association, Legion of Black Collegiates, Panhellenic Association, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Four Front and the Missouri International Student Council were all in attendance.

After GPC and MSA presented their resolutions, PHA President Allison Fitts proposed that because of the safety threat on campus, the meeting end early.

“The joint session decided to end the meeting since there were threats posted on social media and the members felt it is in the best interest of everyone to leave the campus immediately,” GPC secretary Aashish Jagini said in an email.

Jagini said they were that the decision was made because they were concerned about students’ safety. However, he said they are unhappy with the events that made them make that decision.

“We had important and urgent resolutions in regard to the current events going on the campus to consider and we could not get to all the resolutions since we had to call the meeting off,” Jagini said in an email.

Students left Tate Hall with their arms linked together and were escorted by police.

Before the meeting ended early, each student government gave an update on issues they have been working on this semester. RHA was unable to present their resolutions at all.

Before the meeting, each student government updated the others on the initiatives they’ve been working on during the semester.

LBC said it is working with Concerned Student 1950 and trying to make a “clean” adjustment to the new UM System president.

PHA said it is hosting conversations about different identities within chapters. They are also planning a conference for executive members next semester.

IFC said it is focusing new member education and transitioning their new executive board.

NPHC recently released statement in support of Janna Bassler. They said they will draft a petition if anything escalates. Many of their events will be held in the spring.

Just like NPHC, Four Front said most of their events will start in the spring. Next semester they plan to educate new Tigers on “how to effectively social justice.”

MISC said they need to educate the international student body about what is going on. They said the students they represent did not grow up here and therefore are confused. They are also building a new website.

GPC introduced three resolutions.

The first was a resolution to rename the Arts & Science Building in honor of a woman who “contributed meaningfully” to the university, which passed unanimously. GPC said it wants the selection process to be transparent so that anybody who wanted to provide input could.

A Resolution expressing solidarity with social justice movements on campus passed unanimously. This resolution including Concerned Student 1950.

A Resolution to Formalize Shared Governance Concerns at the University of Missouri proposed with GPC passed with affirmation. This resolution advocates for “structural changes” to improve shared governance.

MSA introduced one of their two pieces of legislation.

A resolution to increase in the number of no-smoking signs around campus passed unanimously.

MSA did not have a chance to discuss its last resolution, Resolution to Include Marginalized Student Governments in the Selection of the University of Missouri’s Administrative Officers.

Joint Session is rescheduled for 7 p.m. Nov. 17 at Schlundt Hall 103.

Lauren Wortman and Emily Gallion contributed to this report.

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