Survey: Students satisfied with health center, unhappy with parking permits

80 percent of students surveyed supported seniority-based allotment for parking.
About 500 students were surveyed about their thoughts on and experiences with the Student Health Center. Most students said they were satisfied with their experiences.

The results for the Parking and Student Health Center Survey 2010 indicate that though nearly half of all students travel to campus by car, only 10 percent said they were satisfied with the overall parking situation on campus.

“To put things in perspective, we have a pretty good parking system here at Mizzou,” Missouri Students Association President Tim Noce said. “I’ve been to other universities of similar size and scope as ours, and they had just a free-for-all parking system. It is horrible. If you don’t get on campus at 7 a.m., you’re not going to find a spot.”

Noce said there is room for improvement and that the survey will help make things better.

Students' most widespread concern was about parking pass distribution. Nearly 80 percent would prefer a new method of distribution, with 48.2 percent of students recommending the passes be given out on the basis of seniority.

“We’re going to take the parking (suggestions) to the Campus Parking and Transportation Committee,” Noce said. “I really want to use these as backup for the things I’ve said because I’m the only (undergraduate) student on that committee.”

Additionally, the Student Health Center received a significant majority of satisfactory remarks on its services across the board.

“By and large, students rated the health center as average through excellent,” said Ann Nadler, director for administrative services at the Student Health Center.

Nadler said survey questions asked for information based on each participant’s most recent visit. Questions concerned all aspects of a student’s experience, from scheduling an appointment to the care received upon arrival.

“Something I thought was very good is the competency (ratings) of the medical providers,” Nadler said.

According to the survey, 95 percent of students agreed with the statement, “I felt confident in the skills of my medical provider.”

“We certainly have things we could do better at,” Nadler said. “I think we need to work with some staff members on customer service. Though, there were also many open-ended comments that spoke extremely highly of our workers’ friendliness and helpfulness.”

Freshman Jenna Keller said her visit at the health center was a great experience.

“They get you in and out quickly but still give you enough attention,” Keller said. “I went with my immunization forms to get holds off my account. By the time I got back to my dorm, the holds were already gone on myZou.”

Nadler said students responded positively to a question about the time spent waiting to see a health care provider.

“Fifty-two and a half percent said it was about what they expected,” Nadler said. “Thirty-four percent said it was less than they expected. That’s pretty darn good, especially for a doctor’s office.”

The survey has brought awareness to students that the university is ready to listen, Noce said.

“We want students’ opinions on how to do things,” Noce said. “A lot of the information got put into numbers and, overall, I think it backed up the student voice. I really hope this (data) can be used to improve our parking system and the Student Health Center, and I think that’s the main idea for it.”

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