Sustainable fun featured at Sustainapalooza

The Sustainability Office hosted the Sustainapalooza festival Thursday afternoon, which featured carnival games and giveaways.

There’s nothing quite like a carnival, especially a free one that promotes sustainability.

On Thursday afternoon, the MU Sustainability Office put on its first-ever Sustainapalooza. The event featured carnival games such as Spin-To-Win and ring toss. There were also refreshments, including caramel apples, and a performance by Columbia band We Live In Public.

Students who attended were given a chance to win Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival tickets. Raffle tickets were awarded for game participation and could be entered to win one of two bikes that the office was giving away.

Junior Emily Hodge is not involved in any sustainability organizations on campus but attended Sustainapalooza anyway.

“I have a really long break on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I always like to find events on campus,” she said.

The event was held to increase awareness about the Sustainability Office and its efforts as well as provide students with a fun experience.

“We needed a coupon for the (university’s) U-Guide, so we needed an event to go with it,” MU Sustainability Office community coordinator Karlan Seville said. “We wanted a way to especially reach freshman. They’re here for four years — they can make an impact and contribute to the university and its Climate Action Plan.”

The Climate Action Plan is part of MU’s effort to become a carbon neutral campus. The Sustainability Office is also involved in recycling, local food promotion, sustainable commuting, energy efficiency and other efforts across campus.

“Sustainapalooza is basically a fun event to get people involved in all these scary topics,” MU sustainability coordinator Steve Burdic said. “They are big topics, but we need students to be involved.”

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