Sustainapalooza promotes green habits through games

The event was hosted by the Office of Sustainability and Sustain Mizzou.

The Office of Sustainability held its second annual “Sustainapalooza” on Thursday at Kuhlman Court behind the MU Student Center.

The event included games, food, prizes and a live performance from local band We Live In Public.

Sustainapalooza was started last year as part of a joint effort between the sustainability office and the student organization Sustain Mizzou.

The event is the main outreach opportunity of the year for MU’s environmental programs, Sustainability Coordinator Steve Burdic said.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to come out and have fun,” he said. “While doing that, we can talk to people about sustainability.”

The games had an environmental theme, such as tossing plastic rings around recycled bottles.

Each time a student played a game, they earned a chance to win one of two bikes as part of a raffle.

Once finished with games, participants could pick up small prizes, such as sustainability T-shirts, and enjoy snacks and refreshments, such as smoothies made from a bicycle-powered blender.

Burdic said the change in location from the sustainability office, where the event happened last year, to Kuhlman Court helped bring more attention to the event.

“With Sustainapalooza happening in front of our office last year, I think it was a little harder for people to find,” Budic said. “This year, it’s much easier for people to just walk up and get involved.”

Sustain Mizzou member and junior Andrew Beckerle was excited for the outreach opportunity Sustainapalooza provided. He said that the group’s frequent cooperation with the Office of Sustainability made the event even easier.

“We show up and they help us promote our organization,” Beckerle said. “It’s really good, we really like it.”

Graduate student Steve Mackey was drawn to the event when he saw it advertised earlier in the week.

“I saw stuff about the band, food and prizes, and thought I should stop by,” Mackey said. “I’m somewhat of an environmentalist, so I thought I should stop by and show some support.”

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