Task force develops MU"s institutional values

The M-Book, the book of MU regulations, might soon have ideals to back up MU rules.

Last spring, then interim Chancellor Richard Wallace appointed a task force to develop what he called "institutional values."

The committee, composed of students, faculty and staff, aims to develop a statement that presents the ideas, values, principles and expectations of MU, according to the university.

"A university of this size needs a statement of its direction and values," Wallace said earlier this semester. "The committee will help to accomplish this goal."

Members of the task force drew comparisons between the institutional values statement and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

"Right now, we have all of these rules and regulations, but we have no basic principles behind them," said Rob Willard, a task-force member and Missouri Students Association President-elect. "From a student perspective, a statement of institutional values will clarify the notion of what our place is at MU."

The task force has met several times to discuss the direction of the development of such a statement.

In early November, the task force distributed a list of phrases and words representing university ideals.

University students and staff are encouraged to discuss and submit to the task force their ideas of what MU's institutional values should be.

"At this stage, we are trying to get feedback from the campus community," Willard said. "Next March, the task force will hopefully have a document prepared for university constituents to vote on."

Mel George, UM system president emeritus, heads the task force.

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