The Briefing: MSA confirms 22 positions in first full senate meeting

They confirmed 19 at-large senators and three upper-level positions.

The Missouri Students Association elected 19 at-large senators, confirmed three upper-level positions and read various bills including one that would remove the Department of Student Activities from MSA’s constitution in full senate on Sept. 11.

This was MSA’s first full senate of the year (aside from their mock senate held Sept. 6).


In terms of the executive cabinet position, President Julia Wopata’s chief of staff, Elita Nelson, was confirmed.

Sophie Hall was also confirmed as director of student communications. Some senators raised concerns about how Hall might coordinate with Senate Communications Director Abigail Shaw. They said that there is a chance Hall could step into Shaw’s jurisdiction in terms of MSA’s social media presence.

Hall was confirmed with 10 yes votes and five abstentions.

Senator Solomon Davis was confirmed as the chairman of External Affairs Committee. His confirmation comes after he was initially turned away at the end of last year.

Proposed bills

Because MSA no longer funds DSA, a bill was proposed to formally remove DSA from the constitution. According to the proposed bill, the funding “could be used to support organizations at Mizzou who are already providing events for their respective communities.”

This bill went through its first reading at the meeting.

Cartwright’s guest presentation

Chancellor Alexander Cartwright gave a guest presentation during the meeting. He discussed the expected increase in enrollment, aiming for an increase of 5,200 people next year.

The next full senate meeting will be held Sept. 25 in the Leadership Auditorium.

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