The Briefing: MSA special presidential election campaigning starts off slow

Candidates chose not to release their platforms during the first week of campaigning.
The candidates from the "More to Roar" and "Mizzou for You" slates speak at the first MSA executive debate on April 9, 2018.

After the passing of a special election in Missouri Student Association senate on March 21, MSA presidential election campaigning began on March 26. However, there was no word from either of the candidates until the week of April 2.

The two new slates are Julia Wopata and Connor McAteer and Robert Schmidt and Alp Kahveci.

Wopata and McAteer released their website and platform on Tuesday. They are running under Wopata’s former campaign slogan, “More to Roar.”

The “More to Roar” platform revolves around mental health.

“We believe the conversation of mental health permeates all walks of life, cultures, and spheres of influence,” the More to Roar campaign website says. “We also recognize that while two students may both be dealing with mental health challenges, the triggers, manifestation of symptoms, and coping mechanisms may be very different person-to-person and treatment should reflect this.”

As of Tuesday, Schmidt and Kahveci have yet to announce their platform.

The Board of Election Commissions will host the first presidential debate on April 9. The Maneater and Four Front will host the second presidential debate on April 12.

Elections will take place from April 16-18.

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