The Briefing: Three candidates have dropped from MSA race

Each slate can still run for the presidency as a single ticket.

Update: Blaine Thomas has issued an apology statement on the "Fight Forward" campaign Twitter account and has officially withdrawn his presidency.

After controversial tweets from MSA candidates surfaced on Twitter on March 5, vice presidential candidate Caius Gillen of the “More to Roar” campaign and presidential candidates Claire Jacobs of the “It’s About Time” campaign and Blaine Thomas of the “Fight Forward” campaign have dropped out of the race.

BEC chairman Joseph Sell said that although two presidential candidates have dropped from their slates, the slates can still run with the vice presidential candidates stepping up as the presidential candidate.

Thomas Cater, the former vice presidential candidate for the "It’s About Time” campaign, formally announced his candidacy for presidency on Wednesday in a statement.

Julia Wopata announced on the campaign’s Twitter account that she will be running “More to Roar” alone Wednesday morning.

“Julia will still run her campaign under the name Move to Roar, and she proudly stands behind her platform,” according to the statement. “Julia believes that student mental health, campus safety, student success, and diversity and inclusivity are vital parts to the progress of our community.”

Sell said that when one of the single ticket campaigns is elected, they would appoint a vice president to be approved by the MSA Operations Committee and then the senate.

“[MSA Operations Committee] handles any bylaw changes, things of that nature, and they would confirm different positions within the organization,” Sell said.

Thomas tweeted on the “Fight Forward” Twitter account that a full statement will be released sometime Wednesday, March 7. The Twitter account has been updated to reflect Chad Johnson as the presidential candidate of the platform.

The “It’s About Time” Twitter account has been deleted.

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