The top 5 numbers that sum up the year: Tiger Plan, system administrators and closed buildings

A look back at the excessive spending and lack of administrators this year.
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14.3 percent: Potential financial loss when using the Tiger Plan

Advertised as “the most flexible off-campus student dining plan,” the Tiger Plan was unveiled by Campus Dining Services for the fall semester. Tiger Plan users get discounts between 20 and 63 percent at all CDS locations. However, these discounts apply only to the flex dollars and not the base cost of the plan, which means the user often doesn’t save money. If spent exclusively at a la carte locations, which have a 50 percent discount, an $800 plan is actually worth $700, a 14.3 percent loss.

7: Total residence halls temporarily closed for next year

Center, Discovery, McDavid, Responsibility and Schurz halls joined Excellence and Respect for a total of seven buildings taken offline for the 2017-18 school year. The latter two were taken offline for this year, but a continued decrease in enrollment resulted in the Department of Residential Life closing more halls. Sixteen buildings will be open next year, including a new, yet-unnamed hall in the southwest corner of campus.

$19.82 million: Cuts to MU’s budget from state legislature

The Missouri Legislature voted Jan. 16 to cut four line-item restrictions from the state budget, resulting in a $19.82 million reduction of MU’s budget for spring 2017. Administrators have until June 30 to determine where the cuts will occur. The School of Nursing, School of Medicine and College of Education have decided to pull some or all of their cuts from reserve funds; other schools have announced different approaches.

3: New deans hired since January

Three deans have been hired since Jan. 1: Ajay Vinze started Jan. 1 as the dean of the business school, J. Sanford Rikoon began March 9 as the dean of the College of Human Environmental Sciences and Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky will start as the dean of the School of Law on July 1. The College of Arts and Science and College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources are still searching for permanent deans.

$2.3 million: Amount of executive compensation found in UM System audit

An audit of the UM System revealed over $2 million in executive compensation spending over the past several years, including incentive payments to top administrators and “significant compensation” to former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. Conducted by the state auditor, the UM System received a “fair” rating, the second-lowest of four ratings.

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