Top Moments of the Year: Columbia residents find solidarity in unrest

Thousands of community members marched in solidarity with the Women’s March in D.C. to protest President Trump’s inauguration.
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Thousands of Columbia residents marched on Jan. 21 in support of the Women’s March on Washington and in protest of the inauguration of Donald Trump for the Mid-Missouri Solidarity March.

Throughout the year at these events, people carried signs, waved flags and chanted phrases like “My body, my choice!” throughout the march’s loop. Much of the crowd wore pink and sported the signature “pussy-hats” for the event.

The activists and marchers embraced an array of issues facing the nation during the chaotic time after the presidential election. People marched for environmental activism, reproductive rights, affordable health care and as a simple protest in dismay of Trump’s presidency.

Mid-Missouri Peaceworks organizers hosted the march, which began with a Facebook page. Only about 200 people were initially estimated to march that Saturday afternoon. The total estimation of marchers at the conclusion of the day was around 3,000.

The march in Columbia lasted around two hours with over six large groups of marchers parading the sidewalks and streets and ended at the Courthouse Plaza for a conclusion peace rally.

Over 20 local social justice and environmental activist organizations based in Columbia sponsored the event, including One Mic and the Mizzou Energy Action Coalition. Activists and sponsors spoke of peace and the value of community for the rally at the conclusion of the march.

Millions of people from all fifty states walked and protested that Saturday. It was one of America’s most incredible displays of objection to a changing political time. The marches were a success and an important event in American history and culture because they showed an empowerment of the public.

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