Top Moments of the Year: Students fundraise to give back to Sandy from Plaza

Over $5,000 was raised to buy Sandy gift cards, but she chose to donate the money to MizzouThon.
Maneater File Photo

MU’s favorite Campus Dining Services employee, Sandy Cunningham, received a surprise from students at the end of the first semester. Several students started a GoFundMe to raise money for Christmas gifts for her family, but the reaction from campus was larger than expected.

The GoFundMe’s original goal was to raise $500 to buy gift cards for Sandy so she could purchase presents for others, but the fundraiser quickly surpassed $5,000. The outpouring of affection spread to social media, where alumni were more than happy to contribute.

“Sandy is the backbone of Mizzou; without her, they’d be nothing,” alumna Hannah Hall said in a comment on The Maneater's Facebook post.

Cunningham was overwhelmed when she learned of the gift but ultimately decided to turn it down. She instead asked that the money be donated to MizzouThon to support Children’s Miracle Network.

This outpouring of love and support not only exemplified the holiday spirit, but it also showed the giving nature of the entire Mizzou community for one of their own.

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