Touchdown Terrace to offer premium seating, private tailgating

The program will offer tickets at $600 per seat for the 2010 season.
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The status of general student tailgating for the upcoming football season is an ongoing issue, but fans in Memorial Stadium's new Touchdown Terrace premium seating section will have access to their own climate-controlled private tailgating area at home games this fall.

The athletics department is making tickets for the new section available at $600 per person for MU's six home games in the 2010 season, athletics department spokesman Chad Moller said. The department is converting the field-level bleachers between the south end zone and the Marching Mizzou seats into the Touchdown Terrace area.

"It's a chance to do something new and add a unique fan experience to football games," Moller said. "And if it's popular enough with our fans, it has the potential to be a nice revenue generator for our operations."

According to the athletics department Web site, Touchdown Terrace occupants will receive padded chair backs and game programs with their tickets.

"In this area will be a climate-controlled private tent area — cooled during hot games, warmed during cold games -- private concessions areas which feature complimentary all-you-can-eat-and-drink menu items and upscale private bathrooms," Moller said.

Tickets for the section will be available to the general public. Moller said Touchdown Terrace will hold about 550 fans and the new section would not affect student seating.

"We will have the same number of student seats available for 2010 as we had in 2009," Moller said.

The Mizzou Ticket Office will offer the tickets at a two-seat minimum and offer five ticket packages at two, four, six, eight and 10 seats per deal, according to the department Web site.

Associate Athletics Director Whit Babcock said the new seating area, which surrounds the tunnel entrance to the home team locker room, would provide a unique perspective for fans.

"We felt as though we could take an area of somewhat underutilized seating, add some fan amenities to it and generate some new revenue from that," Babcock said. "First and foremost, however, we want to make it a memorable experience for fans and provide some high-quality customer service, too."

Babcock said the athletics department discussed the issue of putting the premium seating directly in front of Marching Mizzou but doesn't see it as a concern.

"We actually feel that the band involvement will add to the excitement of sitting there," Babcock said. "We also included (Marching Mizzou Director) Michael Knight in our planning discussions on the front end."

Memorial Stadium features several other premium-seating sections but none on field level.

"We obviously have some suites and club level seating in the press box area of the stadium," Babcock said. "But this is new, at a relatively lower price and hopefully something unique that our alumni and fans will really enjoy this season."

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