Travis, Horan focus on College of Arts and Science, improving academics

The MSA presidential slate also plans to create a syllabus archive.

Missouri Students Association presidential candidate Josh Travis and running mate Michelle Horan plan to improve academics by creating a syllabus archive and strengthening the College of Arts and Sciences.

The project would ultimately be an archive of course syllabi from this semester that will be available to students this November, Travis said.

“The syllabus archive will be a very beneficial planning tool when choosing classes,” Travis said.

The archive will give students the opportunity to download and compare syllabi while registering for spring semester courses.

“The syllabus archive is important because every student has a different learning style,” Horan said. “Some students like courses that have more tests, some like courses that are mostly discussion.”

Travis and Horan also plan to work on strengthening the general education program under the College of Arts and Science.

“Everyone has to take general education courses no matter the major,” Travis said.

All students have to take general education classes within the College of Arts and Science. According to the Travis-Horan platform, the College of Arts and Science is where every student’s education starts.

To improve the general education classes, faculty members need to be recruited, Travis said.

He also said that because university funding is tight, there is not enough faculty to instruct general education classes and that current faculty members are forced to teach lower level courses instead of focusing on courses specific to their department.

Travis and Horan also plan to strengthen the general education program by creating more course options.

“We don’t have a specific pre-law major,” Horan said. “But creating those courses is a way the College of Arts and Sciences can be strengthened.”

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