Trulaske College of Business promotes “global mindset” with International Week

International Week primary planner Courtney Boeding: “We are just a small piece of the puzzle.”

To promote “the global mindset” in students of the Trulaske College of Business, the school’s study abroad program held its annual International Week from Sept. 11 to 15.

“The global mindset is the idea that we should all be more open and accepting to people of other cultures and people with different ideas,” said Andrew Kendzior, marketing manager for the study abroad program and student manager for the winter intersession program in South America.

During the week, business professors gave talks on a variety of topics relevant to international business.

This year, the talks focused on recent events, including the effects of the 2016 Rio Olympics on the global economy and the Brexit vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

Kendzior said discussion topics were chosen by a team of students. The students brainstormed topics that would be interesting to their peers and then thought of professors who would be qualified to speak on the topics. The team used surveys to determine students’ preferences.

Members of the study abroad program see this week as a way to introduce students to the idea of global business.

“We really want them to remember that there is more than just American business,” International Week primary planner Courtney Boeding said. “Everything we do affects everyone, and everything everyone else does globally affects us too. We are just a small piece of the puzzle.”

Boeding said International Week also acts as a way to promote studying abroad through winter intersession offerings.

“We want to encourage students to study abroad,” Director of International Relations Gay Albright said. “We also want to encourage students to enter into relationships with our international students. So we want to give all of our students the opportunity to learn about other cultures.”

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