Two MSA slates receive major infractions during presidential election

Ejaz/Parrie and Gomez/Hanner are not allowed to campaign for the rest of the election.

The Board of Elections Commissioners issued two major infractions in the Missouri Students Association presidential election to the Gomez/Hanner and Ejaz/Parrie slates.

The two slates are suspended for the rest of the election, which ends at 5 p.m. Nov. 18. They are not allowed to campaign or have their own polling locations.

Haden Gomez and Chris Hanner advertised their campaign “Moving Mizzou Forward” using the app Pocket Points. BEC Chairwoman Emma Henderson said this violates their mass email policy because the use of the app is “soliciting” and “incentivising” students to vote for them via a notification from the app.

According to the BEC handbook, the mass email policy reads: “The BEC defines a mass email as: an email that delivers essentially the same note to more than one recipient. Multiple emails are considered a ‘mass email’ if they deliver essentially the same note to more than one person. This list is not comprehensive and additional restrictions may be added by the BEC. If a mass email is sent on behalf of a slate with a slate’s knowledge, it will be considered a major infraction even if the email did not originate from a University account.”

Syed Ejaz and Heather Parrie reserved a polling location on Lowry Mall beginning at 12:30 p.m. today. However, the slate showed up four hours early at the location when they did not have permission to be there.

The slates have 24 hours to submit an appeal. However, since voting ends in about 24 hours, the BEC will try to push the appeals through faster, Henderson said.

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