University Bookstore employee caught stealing

Warnke stole by reaccrediting return money to his personal accounts.
The MU Police Department is investigating a University Bookstore employee who was arrested on suspicion of stealing from the store. According to a police report, Johnny Warnke was accessing the store's electronic receipt file and credited up to more than $6,000 to his account at one time. Maneater File Photo

The MU Police Department is continuing to investigate previous University Bookstore employee Johnny Warnke, who was arrested on suspicion of stealing several thousand dollars from the store.

Warnke was arrested last Friday for thefts between Jan. 18 and Jan. 21.

MUPD Capt. Scott Richardson said fellow bookstore employees reported Warnke to the police after reviewing store records. Police are still studying the case and are investigating whether he stole money on previous occasions.

"He was arrested on actions that occurred between those days," Richardson said. "The investigation is ongoing to review the whole time he has worked there and look at receipts and records."

According to a probable cause statement report completed by MUPD Officer Todd E. Henderson, the bookstore might add more charges after further investigation.

There are additional discrepancies the University Bookstore is still investigating, and there might be additional charges or counts sought in the near future, the report stated.

Reportedly, Warnke was accessing the store's electronic receipt file to conduct electronic returns. He then added the credit of the returns to his own bank accounts.

The report stated on one occasion he credited $6,603.58 to his account and credited $2,467.58 on another.

At the time of questioning and arrest, Warnke was reportedly in possession of $6,610.00 in cash. He was repentant and willing to return money to the store, the report stated.

He admitted he had in fact credited his personal bank accounts, Henderson said in the report. Warnke said he felt guilty about taking the money and was attempting to return the $6,603.58 to the University Bookstore.

The report stated that Warnke's money was not accepted by the bookstore.

MUPD Captain Brian Weimer said the case would remain closed to the public until Warnke goes on trial. According to the report, there is speculation Warnke might go to Ohio to avoid prosecution. Warnke has family in Ohio and was imprisoned there for six months on similar charges.

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