Vigil honors MU freshman Kayce Goldberg

Sorority sister Natalie Harshman: “Your goofy smile and personality were contagious to everyone around you.”
Phi Mu members Katie Bradley and Sarah Moore mourn the passing of their sorority sister Kayce Goldberg at a vigil March 14.

Hundreds of flickering candles lit up Traditions Plaza on Monday in memory of freshman and Phi Mu sorority member Kayce Goldberg, who died March 9.

More than 200 people gathered to mourn the Dallas native, whose light-hearted personality was reflected in the speeches given by close friends and sorority sisters during the ceremony. Phi Mu sisters huddled around the foot of the stage to hear sorority members pay tribute to her memory.

“I’ll never forget our laughs together,” Goldberg’s sorority big, Natalie Harshman, said during the vigil. “Your goofy smile and personality were contagious to everyone around you. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t smiling when we were together.”

While tributes to Goldberg were full of fun and happy memories, the mood of the vigil was somber, as attendees reflected on their sadness at the loss.

“For me, she was my family here in Phi Mu,” Harshman said. “I am blessed for the bond we had, and the impact you made on my life. Thanks for all the memories, and I can’t wait to get to see and laugh with you again.”

Some gave tearful thanks to the community of MU for showing their support, including Goldberg’s sorority “twin,” Jennifer Butler.

“I just want to thank everyone who's here,” Butler said. “Phi Mu is so lucky to have so many other people be here for us and for Kayce.”

In honor of Goldberg’s Jewish faith, sisters recited Jewish scripture and led prayers before lighting the crowd’s candles.

“Heavenly father, who in thy all-seeing wisdom has taken our beloved sister from our midst, receive her into thy heavenly home,” a sorority sister said before the candles were lit.

When the ceremony ended, the crowd that had gathered sat in a prolonged silence. Guests were encouraged by sisters to stay as long as they liked.

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