Wellness Resource Center to spend $40,000 donation received after Pinkel DWI

The money will help fund programs supporting bystander intervention and good behavior at football games
Following his DWI arrest, football coach Gary Pinkel donated one week's salary to the MU Wellness Resource Center. The center plans to use the $40,769 donation for its tailgating and "Life is not a Spectator Sport" programs.

The Wellness Resource Center received a $40,769 donation from head football coach Gary Pinkel. Pinkel donated the money as part of a mandate given by the athletic department following his DWI arrest.

“We are still in the process of trying to determine a use for the money,” Wellness Resource Center Director Kim Dude said.

The Wellness Resource Center plans to use the donation to help fund two of its programs: "Life is Not a Spectator Sport" and a safe tailgating and fan behavior effort, Dude said.

According to the Wellness Resource Center website, the "Life is Not a Spectator Sport" campaign encourages students not to be bystanders in unsafe situations. For example, students can avoid being a bystander by talking to a friend who might have a problem with alcohol or encouraging a friend to explore resources to stop smoking.

The bystander effect can be a barrier to helping students stay safe and healthy. According to the website, The Life is Not a Spectator Sport campaign encourages students to watch out for one another.

“We will have a big effort next semester (supporting) our Bystander Intervention Program,” Dude said. “We are unsure of how much that is going to cost.”

A portion of the donation will also go toward a fan behavior effort. The Wellness Resource Center encourages fans to drink responsibly and act safely on game days.

“(The program) encourages students to watch out for each other at football games and (during) tailgating,” Dude said, “But the grant (for the program) is running out of money.”

Dude said the Wellness Resource Center appreciates the donation.

“All of our programs encourage students not to drink and drive,” Dude said. “I appreciate the athletic department for thinking of us.”

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