What the fudge? Brad Pitt

MU has seen its share of famous graduates: including Sheryl Crow and Kate Capshaw.

And Brad Pitt ... well, that's another story.

Just two weeks and two credits shy of graduating with a journalism degree, Pitt jumped into his battered Nissan — nicknamed "Runaway Sue" — and drove to California.

What the fudge?

Henry Hager, professor emeritus of journalism, taught Pitt more than 15 years ago. He said he remembers him as a nice guy.

"He was a lot of fun," he said. "A lot of students you can't kid around with, but you could with Brad."

Hager said he has heard many different stories about why Pitt dropped out, but he thinks it was because of problems Pitt had with an advertising class, Journalism 336.

Hager said Pitt asked him to look at a special project Pitt did for the class: a "hunk calendar" featuring male students.

"He wanted my professional estimate on (the calendar)," he said. "I think he might have been trying to use that with the professor. He told me that she thought he had done the work too fast."

Hager said School of Journalism officials have given Pitt the chance to earn the two credits he's missing.

"The message that we've sent is, 'Look, to get that credit, simply edit some scenes from your films,'" he said. "That probably would show the professionalism that we require."

So far, Hager said, Pitt has not taken them up on the offer.

Sigma Chi fraternity president Clayton Burnett said Pitt, a Sigma Chi member while he was in school, performed in some of the fraternity's Homecoming skits.

Burnett said the fraternity still has a picture of Pitt's 1983 pledge class.

"He kind of has a mullet (in that photo)," Burnett said.

But despite his appearance — after all, it was the '80s — Sigma Chi members are still proud of Pitt.

"It's nice to have a famous alum," Burnett said. '&am

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