Winning Mizzou Gold

Over the week, students celebrated winning various aspects of Homecoming.
Kappa Alpha Theta sophomore Molly Tedrow and junior Helen Bass celebrate after winning Homecoming 2013. The sorority was paired with Alpha Gamma Rho and Alpha Kappa Lambda.

Mizzou Alumni Association Homecoming King

Senior Nick Droege described the night as a blur.

“It goes by really quick,” he said.

One minute, he was walking onto the field with his walking partner Rachel Newman, and the next, he was being crowned Homecoming king.

“It was an incredible experience and humbling in so many ways,” Droege said.

Still, it was the weeks leading up to Saturday night that meant the most to Droege.

Being a part of the top five included participating in the Mizzou Blood Drive, Tigers Fight Hunger, seeing every night of the talent skits, viewing the house decs and the Homecoming concert.

“My favorite part of the experience was being around the people of the top 30, the top 10,” Droege said. “They are each equally deserving if not more than me.”

Droege said although he worked with Adjunct Professor Anne Deaton on previous projects and he has gotten to know Chancellor Brady Deaton, it was great to be involved in Homecoming when they were the Homecoming marshals.

“It’s something I’ll never forget,” Droege said.

Droege said the whole experience was not about who was crowned. It was about the various organizations and groups everyone has been involved in at MU.

“I think that Homecoming is the embodiment of what Mizzou is,” Droege said.

Mizzou Alumni Association Homecoming Queen

Senior Theresa Mullineaux only heard the “T-” of her name before the stadium exploded with cheers.

“I thought it was a joke,” Mullineaux said.

But Mullineaux’s walking partner Paul Ehlinger ensured her it was not: Mullineaux was named Homecoming queen.

“I never once thought that I would win,” Mullineaux said.

The process began when Alternative Spring Break nominated Mullineaux. She filled out her application, made it to the first-round interview, then the second round interview, all the way to the top five, joining the rest of the final candidates.

“One of my favorite parts was getting to meet other people on royalty,” she said. “I made nine new friends, and we had a great time together.”

Mullineaux and the other members of the top 10 Homecoming royalty all came together to participate in a number of Homecoming events, including the parade.

That Saturday night, Mullineaux was crowned queen.

“I was in pure and utter shock,” she said.

Mullineaux walked off the football field and immediately saw her twin sister.

“She’s been supportive since day one,” she said. “To be able to share the experience with friend and family was really special.”

Even days later, Mullineaux said she is still in shock.

“It hasn’t hit me yet,” she said.

Legion of Black Collegians Homecoming King

Senior Thomas Stovall wears a suit every day.

“I love suits,” he said. “It’s inviting to some, but it’s something some people may think is too professional. I decided to embrace the suit and make it a part of who I am and my media campaign.”

The suit-lover proved to be a suitable king when he was crowned the LBC Homecoming king Thursday.

Stovall campaigned with the SHIFT platform, promoting service, humility, identity, fulfilment and transparency.

“We need to shift from the things we want to avoid to the things we want to attract,” Stovall said. “We need to work to achieve SHIFT in all groups and all partnerships.”

Stovall said his crowning was fulfilling.

“I had exhausted myself meeting with organizations and pouring myself out to people,” Stovall said.

Being crowned was not the end of Stovall’s mission, however. Now Stovall is accountable to be the king the campus needs.

He said he is a walking billboard for what students should be.

“It’s not to be cocky,” he said. “You look to the (king) not just in the life he creates, but in the life he lives.”

Stovall said he is a billboard for the freshman who is struggling with academics and a billboard for the junior who is figuring out how to navigate.

At the time he was crowned, Stovall said he sat back and knew he had to own it.

“I thought to myself, now it begins,” Stovall said.

Legion of Black Collegians Homecoming Queen

The day of Oct. 24 was a little abnormal normal for senior Simone McGautha. She went to classes like usual. However, she was very nervous and anxious.

“I just wanted to know who won,” McGautha said.

That night at the Black Renaissance Ball, McGautha was a step closer to knowing if her flyers on social media and the campaigning worked. She dressed up, had dinner and danced with her Homecoming running mate Stovall.

When it came time to the royalty announcement, senior Simone McGautha heard the name “Simone” but was not quite satisfied.

“There was another Simone running,” McGautha said laughing.

Then she heard the rest of her name.

“It seemed very, very surreal,” she said.

McGautha said she is proud to be a part of the LBC Homecoming celebration.

“It’s a great tradition,” she said. “It was an honor to be selected and represent this tradition.”

Greek Winners

As the members of Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Kappa Lambda and Kappa Alpha Theta stated at the of their talent skit, “Roswell that ends well.”

On Sunday night in front of Jesse Hall, it was announced that the grouping won this year’s overall Homecoming celebration.

The grouping had Roswell, N.M., as their city theme for this year’s Homecoming theme.

Junior Nick Ehrhard, Alpha Kappa Lambda’s Homecoming liaison and Maneater promotions manager, said the grouping found a lot of potential in their theme this year.

“We chose that city due to the strong storyline that the Roswell UFO incident of 1947 offered to skit and house decorations,” he said. “The plot of our skit in the talent competition dealt with aliens escaping Roswell to travel to Mizzou so they could take a spaceship back to outer space. Our parade float and house decorations also incorporated the UFO incident.”

Junior Ross Oram, Alpha Gamma Rho’s recruitment chair, said this achievement says only good things about his chapter.

“We’ve just proved that we can basically do anything when we come together and put our minds to it,” Oram said.

Kappa Alpha Theta declined to comment on their victory.

The grouping came in first in two other categories, which were service and royalty points. The Kappa Kappa Gamma, Theta Chi and FarmHouse grouping came in first in the categories of decorations, parade, service, banner and Decorate the District.

“I was worried at first when we received the individual scores for the different categories,” Oram said. “But we pulled through, and it was easily the best part of Homecoming by far.”

Ehrhard said he was incredibly proud of the pairing.

“The women of Kappa Alpha Theta, the men of Alpha Gamma Rho and our guys put so much effort into making this Homecoming an unforgettable experience,” he said. “Hearing the announcement of our victory on the steps of Jesse Hall Sunday night was the proudest moment of my time at Mizzou.”

Other winners

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources took first place in the overall campus organizations category, and Schurz Hall took first place the overall residence hall category. The Kappa Kappa Gamma, Theta Chi and FarmHouse pairing took second place in this year’s overall Greek category.

“This has been an incredible experience seeing the Mizzou community come together and celebrate as a community in such a fun way,” Homecoming Tri-Director Jordan Denker said.

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