Woods-Moon wins MSA presidential election

Eric Woods and Emily Moon received 40 percent of the student vote.
Missouri Students Association President-elect Eric Woods stands with his running mate Emily Moon outside of Chamber Auditorium, where they talked to supporters Wednesday night. Woods was elected president of MSA with 40% of the vote.

Eric Woods and Emily Moon won the Missouri Students Association presidential election with 1,674 student votes.

"Feels good to have the confidence of the students," Woods said. "I was scared to death going into the election."

Woods-Moon received 40 percent of the student vote. Slate Josh Travis and Michelle Horan received 36 percent of the student vote with 1,486 votes. Slate Ben Hansen and Kaitlin Oxenreider received 24 percent of the student vote with 985 votes.

"You just never know what is going to happen," Moon said. "I didn't want to build up false confidence."

Woods said the first thing he and Moon will do is start talking to students.

"We will be hitting the streets to find out what students want," Woods said. "We want to find out what their demands are."

Woods also said he wants to have a presence on campus.

Presidential candidate Ben Hansen said Woods-Moon has a tough job ahead of them.

"We (Hansen-Oxenreider) were campaigning on Lowry Mall, and a lot of (students) would ignore us," Hansen said. "I saw a lot of apathy."

The voter turnout is disappointing, he said.

"It's disappointing that (voter turnout) is not larger than what it was two years ago," Hansen said. "Two years ago it was over 5,000."

Hansen said postponement of the election probably affected voter turnout.

In the election, 4,145 students voted for a MSA presidential candidate.

"I am a big environmentalist," MSA Senator David Teeghman said. "Eric was the first one to talk about environmental issues."

Teeghman's support for Woods-Moon was sparked by a friendship between Woods and himself, but Teeghman, a senior, was confident Woods-Moon was the right candidate.

"In the debates I saw an inarticulate Ben Hansen and an arrogant Josh Travis," Teeghman said. "They (Woods-Moon) will do a good job."

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