Woods prepares to take office as MSA president

The MSA president-elect said he's shadowing MSA President Tim Noce throughout the next few weeks.
Missouri Students Association President-elect Eric Woods stands with his running mate Emily Moon outside of Chamber Auditorium, where they talked to supporters Nov. 17 after the results of the MSA election were announced. Woods was elected MSA president with 40 percent of the vote.

Eric Woods and Emily Moon, the Missouri Students Association's next president and vice president, will be inaugurated during the last weekend in January. Until then, they will focus on one of their campaign’s main points: communication.

"We're going to keep talking to organizations about their expectations so we can do the best job possible," Moon said. “We're still talking and establishing relationships, visibility and communication. It’ll be exciting to see our platform come to life."

Woods said beginning this week, he will see what being MSA president entails.

"I'm going to be shadowing (MSA President Tim Noce) and going to meetings," Woods said.

Noce said throughout the next couple of weeks, he would show Woods what he needs to know about being president. His goal is to prepare Woods the best he can so he can make a smooth transition into office.

"It hurts the student government as a whole if the transition doesn't go smoothly," Noce said. "I'll show him exactly what the job entails and give him pointers."

Likewise, Moon said she will talk to current MSA Vice President Danielle Bellis.

To make the transition easier, Woods said he will begin getting in contact with and talking to those he will need to know when he begins his term as president.

"I want to build a connection with people so we can start working right away," Woods said.

Noce said this is a bittersweet time for him as his term as president is coming to a close.

"The most challenging part is the relief and the frustration," Noce said. "My time's come to an end."

Noce said when Woods and Moon officially take office, he will be there to help them when needed.

Woods sent out an application for new Cabinet members. He said he already knows what kind of people he is looking for. The tentative deadline for Cabinet member applications is Dec. 6.

"We're looking for people who are driven and bring fresh ideas to the table," Woods said. "I want them to really work for it and not just be in it to hold an office."

Woods said he will listen to others’ viewpoints and not just be dependent on himself when he is president.

"I'll delegate authority when needed, but it'll be a team effort," Woods said.

Noce said the most important piece of advice he could give Woods and Moon would be pay attention to everything.

"Take in everything and learn from it,” Noce said. “This job will change your life whether you want it to or not. It’s an intense job. I want Eric and Emily to succeed."

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