Woods sworn in as MSA president

The new student government leader said he would focus on sustainability goals first.
Student Court Chief Justice Lischen Reeves swears in new Missouri Students Association President Eric Woods on Wednesday in Chamber Auditorium. Woods and his vice president, Emily Moon, beat out two other slates last fall to take MSA’s executive spots for 2011.

Eric Woods and Emily Moon were officially sworn in as the Missouri Students Association president and vice-president during the Senate meeting Wednesday evening.

"It was a surreal moment,” Moon said. “It really sunk in that I am in office."

Woods said he feels good about being sworn in, and he is excited to get to work.

Moon said she is already looking forward to fulfilling her duties as vice president.

"The budget process has already been set in motion,” Moon said. “It's going to be a very long journey, but I'm confident it will be a great year."

Woods said his first order of business will be tackling the sustainability initiative of his platform.

“We're going to talk more about sustainable dining,” he said.

Woods said he also wants to organize outreach in Senate. He said other goals will become more apparent as they receive input from the students.

Woods said he moved in to his new office on Tuesday.

“It felt kind of weird because I've been there so many times when it was Jordan's and Tim's, but it's starting to feel like my own," Woods said.

The inauguration ceremony will take place this Saturday, and Moon said she thinks the ceremony will be when reality truly sets in for her.

“You become part of the history of past Mizzou presidents and vice presidents," Moon said. "It's really humbling. I'm so honored to be a part of it."

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