Wopata, McAteer and Addington inaugurated as MSA president, vice president and speaker

The More to Roar slate was officially sworn into office during a small ceremony in the Student Center.
Julie Wopata and Connor McAteer getting sworn in to their new positions at the MU student center. courtesy of Anthony Garcia

Raising their right hands and repeating after former Missouri Students Association President Nathan Willett, Julia Wopata, Connor McAteer and Jacob Addington recited the MSA Oath of Office at the MSA Presidential Inauguration. The ceremony, which was held on May 1 in the MU Student Center, solidified Wopata, McAteer and Addington’s positions as president, vice president and senate speaker, respectively.

Approximately 30 friends and family members of Wopata and McAteer filled the chairs in front of the stage. Addington was the first to take the podium and deliver his speech.

Addington believed Wopata and McAteer to be the best for not only MSA, but also for MU as a whole, he said. He also acknowledged the lack of accurate representation within MSA, and said Wopata and McAteer would do a good job.

Willett took the stage next, thanking his executive cabinet and former vice president Payton Englert all of their hard work this past year. He then offered advice to his successors.

“It’s important to rely on your team,” Willett said. “I know you’re going to have a lot of resources, but I’m always here for you guys if you ever need anything.”

Willett concluded by saying how inspired he was when he noticed people stepping up and taking initiative when it came to projects.

After Willett, McAteer came up to the podium to deliver his speech. He began by describing the struggles he faced his freshman year at MU.

“It was hard being far away from home,” McAteer said. “I’ve been thankful to have a lot of people who’ve made this home for me, and I’m excited to give back to them.”

These people are the reason he and Wopata ran under the “More to Roar” campaign slogan, McAteer said. He believes in using every tool in their arsenal to make MU a better place for all students, just like it was for him.

“Instead of being a number at a large university, I was a person,” McAteer said. “I felt at home and I’ve grown to love the people and campus.”

Wopata echoed a similar sentiment in her speech. Wopata, who describes herself as an extroverted people-person, wants to make sure people on this campus are accurately represented when it comes to student issues.

“We want more students to know that their voices are valued,” Wopata said. “This place and the people in it are why I’m here and I want to give back to the people and the university that has shaped me.”

The inauguration ceremony closed with the audience locking arms and swaying to the tune of MU’s alma mater “Old Missouri.”

Edited by Caitlyn Rosen | crosen@themaneater.com

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