RHA presidential hopefuls reveal platforms

Voting opens March 1 and closes March 3.
RHA presidential and vice presidential slate Maggie Recca, left, and Mitchell Davis, right. Courtesy of ReccaDavis2017.com

The slates for the upcoming Residence Halls Association presidential election have released their platforms, with Solomon Davis and Jeremy Richmond running against Maggie Recca and Mitchell Davis.

Solomon Davis is a journalism major who has served as the Hatch Hall president this year. Davis said that, as president, he has used social media to improve communication with residents and met with administrators to address students’ concerns.

Jeremy Richmond, a political science and international studies major, is currently the Wolpers Hall president. Richmond’s experience includes a service trip to Guatemala, which he said showed him the importance of diversity and dedication to the community.

Unify Mizzou, the Davis/Richmond platform slogan, is indicative of the campaign’s goal of a closer relationship between RHA and the individual halls. Some of the broader issues the two hope to tackle are improving hall infrastructure as well as developing relationships with other student bodies on campus. Notable proposals on the platform include reforming the RHA President’s Council, and streamlining maintenance of faulty elevators and laundry machines.

Maggie Recca, a nursing major, has been Schurz Hall’s programming representative and RHA programming coordinator. Recca’s experience includes membership in the National Residence Hall Honorary, an international advocacy organization for students living in college housing, and volunteer work at Tiger Pantry.

Similarly, Mitchell Davis started as a Residential Living Representative before becoming the Residential Living chairman. Mitchell Davis is a part of Marching Mizzou, Zeta Beta Tau fraternity and MUTV. Davis is a journalism major living in Gillett.

The Recca/Davis platform slogan, Move Mizzou, alludes to the pair’s promise to “move Mizzou into the future” by offering change on a host of issues important to students. Concrete proposals on the platform include bringing more emergency blue lights to campus, adding assemblies where residents can better familiarize themselves with their representatives, and establishing a Greek Life liaison position within RHA.

Voting for the RHA Presidential Elections opens March 1 and closes March 3.

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