Boone County Commission requests adequate funding for UM System

Copy of order cites that MU is vital to the financial well being of central Missouri.

The Boone County Commission released a resolution statement Tuesday asking for state lawmakers to continue to adequately fund the university.

“This resolution is intended to convey the sincere and strong interest the undersigned have in supporting the University of Missouri as a statewide institution and asset of all Missourians,” the statement read. “The Columbia Campus and its students from every Missouri County, every state and the world is an important financial component of the entire state of Missouri, especially the local area.”

The statement went on to list several reasons in defense of the university, such as “improving the lives of the citizens of the state,” providing training in agriculture and other vocational areas and being the largest employer in central Missouri.

“We respectfully request that our elected representatives recognize the great value of the University of Missouri and its essential educational and financial contributions,” the statement read. “We request they exercise their authority in such manner as to continue adequately funding this important component of the economy of Central Missouri and cause no harm to its staff, students, and hard working families.”

Many Republican lawmakers threatened the university because of the way it responded to the Concerned Student 1950 protests in April. Back in December, Republican Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard threatened to cut funding for the school.

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