Breaking Grad: Part 1

Nearly 1,000 graduate students attended the Aug. 26 walkout after their demands were not met by administrators.

The Aug. 14 decision by MU to cut graduate student health insurance prompted hundreds of students to organize and submit a list of demands. The demands included reinstating health insurance, which has happened but will last only one year. Other demands were that students must be paid a living wage, full tuition waivers, permanent fully subsidized health care, more affordable university run student housing, university run childcare facilities and the elimination of departmental fees. They set a deadline of Aug. 25 at 5 p.m. for their demands to be met or they would walk out. Nearly 1,000 graduate students and their supporters walked out of class and held a rally at Traditions Plaza on Aug. 26. The students chanted slogans condemning the university’s policy of giving raises to Chancellor Loftin and athletic coaches while taking away their basic benefits. Many students and faculty members spoke about how their lives had been affected by the changes and expressed what they wanted from the university to make it right.

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