BREAKING: MU moves classes online amid COVID-19 fears

MU made the decision to move classes online for the remainder of time leading up to spring break, which begins March 21.

MU classes will be remotely held for the remaining time prior to spring break due to COVID-19’s nationwide spread. However, there are no currently known cases of COVID-19 on MU’s campus.

“In-person classes will be suspended beginning at 5 p.m. today, March 11 through Sunday, March 15,” the press release stated. “During that time, faculty are instructed to put in place their plans to deliver instruction remotely. Existing online classes will continue as originally scheduled.”

Classes will be held remotely during the week of Monday, March 16. Currently, in-person classes will resume after spring break on March 30.

A group of MU faculty and students attended a conference in New Orleans, where one non-MU attendee tested “presumptive positive” for COVID-19 . However, no person part of the MU group has tested positive for the virus and were told to self-quarantine.

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