petition to remove Wolfe from office has over 700 signatures

The petition follows Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, which started Monday.

A petition on to remove UM System President Tim Wolfe from office has gained over 300 signatures in its first day.

According to the website, the petition was started by the group Concerned Student 1950 on Monday.

“Tim Wolfe is an inadequate UM Systems President,” the group wrote. “He does not understand systems of oppression, yet claims to care about Black students. He did not intervene in the violence toward student during the peaceful parade demonstration and has not apologized or recognized his negligence. He needs to be removed.”

The petition is directed toward Wolfe, Gov. Jay Nixon and the UM System Board of Curators. It follows graduate student Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike in response to Wolfe’s lack of action to instances of racism and discrimination on MU’s campus in the last few months.

In a letter to the university posted on Facebook on Monday, Butler said he will end the strike either when his internal organs fail or when Wolfe is no longer in office.

“In order for Jonathan Butler's life to continue, please remove Tim Wolfe from office,” Concerned Student 1950 wrote in the petition. “He has been negligent to issues of race, safety, and protection regarding those who he presides over.”

Students began camping out on Carnahan Quad to support Butler on Monday night.

Wolfe released a statement Tuesday in response to the hunger strike.

“It is very concerning to me when any of our students’ well-being is in jeopardy, and I am especially concerned about the health and safety of MU student Jonathan Butler,” Wolfe said in the statement. “Jonathan is a valued and effective voice in our struggle to combat racial injustice.”

Concerned Student 1950 also plans to boycott purchasing food and apparel at the Student Center starting Wednesday until the group members see change.

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