Concerned Faculty cancels class

Faculty in support of Concerned Student 1950 are cancelling classes Monday and Tuesday to hold a “teach in.”

Some MU faculty members associated with the Twitter account @ConcerndFaculty will be meeting on Carnahan Quadrangle at 10 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 9.

“We, the concerned faculty of the University of Missouri, stand in solidarity with the Mizzou student activists who are advocating for racial justice on our campus and urge all MU faculty to demonstrate their support by walking out on Monday November 9 and Tuesday November 10, 2015 along with other allies such as the Forum on Graduate Rights,” the statement read.

Faculty will be at the campsite near Tiger Plaza throughout the day to answer students’ questions regarding Concerned Student 1950 and Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, according to the statement.

The Missouri Students Association announced their support of the faculty walkout.

Some faculty may be holding class at the campsite tomorrow.

Departments that have voiced their support for Concerned Student 1950 did not immediately respond when asked whether they would hold class tomorrow.

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