Concerned Student 1950 and others plan to boycott Student Center

#BoycottUM started Tuesday night.

After calling a meeting Tuesday night among members of the campus community, the student group Concerned Student 1950 has planned a boycott of all food services and the purchasing of any MU apparel at the Student Center.

Per the tweets using the hashtag #ConcernedStudent1950, the group will boycott all food and apparel from the Student Center until they see change. The boycott is a direct result of Jonathan Butler’s decision to go on a hunger strike as of Monday, Nov. 2. Butler’s hunger strike is meant to force UM System President Tim Wolfe out of office. Wolfe has been criticized for his response to a demonstration at the Homecoming parade. The car carrying Wolfe bumped one of the demonstrators, but he didn’t do anything in response and has yet to make a public comment.

Students are promoting the boycott using #BoycottUM.

The protesters set up camp on Carnahan Quad Monday evening, and encourage all students and faculty to stop by and discuss the issues. Earlier on Tuesday, Deputy Chancellor Emeritus Mike Middleton came to support those at the campsite.

The campsite will stay put until Wolfe resigns or is removed from office. There are plans to increase the size of the campsite in the coming days.

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