Concerned Student 1950 issues new demands

Press conference held following UM System President Tim Wolfe’s resignation
Members of Concerned Student 1950 join hands at a press conference at Traditions Plaza on Monday, Nov. 9. The 11 original members of the student movement gave new demands, which must be met “in totality.”

Concerned Student 1950 issued several new demands during a press conference in front of approximately 500 students and faculty at Traditions Plaza today.

“Moving forward, Concerned Student 1950 demands an immediate meeting with the UM System Faculty Council, Board of Curators and the governor of the state of Missouri to discuss shared governance and create a system of holistic inclusion for all constituents,” said Marshall Allen, an original member of Concerned Student 1950, announced at the conference.

Allen added that the group’s demands must be met “in totality.”

These new demands come in the wake of UM System President Tim Wolfe’s resignation at 10 a.m. on Monday.

Graduate student Jonathan Butler, whose eight-day hunger strike came to an end with Wolfe’s resignation, took time to recognize the work of alumnae Naomi Daugherty, Storm Ervin and Ashley Bland, whom he credited with “igniting” conversation. Daugherty, Ervin and Bland founded MU4MikeBrown, a student movement dedicated to raising awareness of racial injustice on campus, in August 2014.

Several of Concerned Student 1950’s previous demands require long-term planning and execution and have not yet been met in full. Among them is a strategic 10-year plan that will work toward increasing retention rates for marginalized students, continue diversity training and create a more safe and inclusive campus climate.

Butler ended the press conference with a message for all students.

“We are all facing different struggles,” he said. “Our humanity is worth fighting for.”

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