Concerned Student 1950 to receive Chairman’s Award from the NAACP

The group’s protests in November generated national media attention.

After generating national media attention and removing UM System President Tim Wolfe from office, Concerned Student 1950 will receive the Chairman’s Award from the NAACP next week. The group will accept the award alongside seven other groups selected by the NAACP.

Past winners of the Chairman’s Award include Janet Jackson (1992), Tyler Perry (2010) and Forest Whittaker (2014).

Ayanna Poole, one of the original 11 members of the group, announced the award on her Facebook page Jan. 21.

“Proud to announce that Concerned Student 1950 will be receiving the NAACP Chairman's Award at 47th annual Image Awards!” Poole said in her post. “Love and power to the folks I worked with, and the students of Mizzou.”

According to reporting done by the Columbia Missourian, the student collective will send one representative to the NAACP Image awards Feb. 5 in Pasadena, California. Concerned Student 1950 declined to give the name of the representative because of threats, according to the Missourian.

Concerned Student 1950 has been protesting for racial equality at MU since the September “Racism Lives Here” demonstrations. Two months later, in October, the group stopped Wolfe’s car at the Homecoming Parade and recounted the racial history of MU using a megaphone. Then, in November, graduate student and movement member Jonathan Butler went on a hunger strike, and Wolfe stepped down after the Missouri football team boycotted team activities in solidarity with Butler.

The NAACP Chairman’s Award is “bestowed in recognition of special achievement and distinguished public service,” according to the news release

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