Concerned Student 1950 reissues list of six remaining demands to be met

Their first two demands were left off the presentation.
Members of student group Concerned Student 1950 gather outside the Feb. 4, 2016, Board of Curators meeting in the Reynolds Alumni Center. Concerned Student 1950 rereleased their list of demands Feb. 24, 2016, through Twitter. Maneater File Photo

This past November, members of Concerned Student 1950 said that even though they were successful in ousting former UM System President Tim Wolfe, their work to achieve equality at the university would continue.

After releasing a list of eight demands the organization had in October, Concerned Student 1950 issued a more in-depth list of demands today via Twitter that have yet to be met, along with their expected deadlines.

First and second demands: The original first two demands, which asked for Wolfe’s resignation and a handwritten apology, were left out of the Prezi presentation.

Third demand: Demand No. 3 called for MU to meet the Legion of Black Collegians’ demands from 1969, specifically their eighth and ninth demands.

LBC called for the implementation of an academic bankruptcy program, which would allow a student to drop an entire semester from one’s records for any justifiable cause. The legion also called for a panel to interview all potential hires for the Office of Minority Students, which isn’t currently listed under MU’s Diversity Offices.

Deadline: August 2016

Fourth demand: Demand No. 4 called for programs such as Summer and Fall Welcome to create workshops for racial awareness and inclusion.

“The core of these cultural workshops will focus on building cultural competencies by properly educating students on the creation, implementation, and long-lasting effects of racism on marginalizing identities, particularly African-Americans,” the presentation read.

Concerned Student 1950 also suggested members of a board to oversee the implementation of the workshops:

  • Black Studies Department Chairwoman Stephanie Shonekan
  • Interim Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Chuck Henson
  • Graduate student Reuben Faloughi
  • Sophomore Marshall Allen
  • Sophomore Imani Simmons-Elloie

Deadline: Aug. 15, 2016

Fifth demand: Demand No. 5 outlined the need for an increase in black faculty to 10 percent. Black professors currently make up roughly 3.25 percent of MU’s faculty.

“It would be beneficial to the university to hire more black faculty so that they can prove to their students, the nation and the world the the university hires black scholars,” the presentation read.

Deadline: The original demand asked for it to be met by the 2017–18 school year, but now Concerned Student 1950 wants this demand, which they’ve called “Targeted Hiring,” met by August 2016.

Sixth demand: Demand No. 6 asked for a 10-year plan to increase the retention rates among “marginalized students” and sustain diversity curriculum and training.

Concerned Student 1950 cited Academic Retention Services, a program designed to help increase retention and graduation rates in underrepresented ethnicities at MU, as a service at risk of being terminated because of budget cuts.

They said the lack of a hate crime policy on campus needs to be addressed, stating that “white students are given autonomy to demonstrate hatred to their minority counterparts with little fear that they will face consequences.”

They also want courses that focus on issues of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic standing, sexuality and religion to become mandatory for all students. Students would be required to earn a C or higher in these classes.

A diversity course requirement was proposed by the diversity course initiative lead by the Faculty Council Diversity Enhancement Committee in November. It has since been updated to allow existing classes to qualify for the credit.

Deadline: May 2, 2016

Seventh demand: Demand No. 7 called for more funding and resources for the MU Counseling Center, specifically in increasing the number of mental health professionals on staff who are of color.

“Students at the University of Missouri need counselors with lived experiences that extend beyond their formal training,” the presentation stated. “Students dealing with mental health crises especially need counselors that can understand the intersection of their identities and relate to their lived experiences.”

Concerned Student 1950 specifically demanded one psychologist or counselor for every 1,500 students at MU. According to presentation, that would mean MU would need to hire 14 more psychologists or counselors.

Deadline: June 2016

Eighth demand: Finally, Concerned Student 1950 demanded increased funding, resources and personnel for the social justice centers on campus.

They asked for $6,000 for outreach and programming, $250,000 for the expansion of Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center, and a statue of Lloyd Gaines in the center of Carnahan Quadrangle, where the campsite was in November.

Deadline: August 2016

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