COVID-19 student cases reach triple digits for first time since Sept. 22

With case counts rising around Boone County, MU reported its highest total of staff and faculty cases.
MU's COVID-19 information dashboard displays 100 active student cases and 36 staff and faculty cases. Screenshot

The University of Missouri reported 100 active student cases Thursday, the highest total since Sept. 22, according to historical data recorded by The Maneater.

Nearly 2,000 students have tested positive for the coronavirus since the start of the academic year in August, about 6.5% of the student body — though some of those students may not have returned to Columbia.

MU also eclipsed its previous high — 30 cases on Sept. 3 — for staff and faculty cases. There were 36 active cases reported Thursday.

MU has not reported any student hospitalizations, though The Maneater confirmed two earlier in the semester. Since the university relies on students to self-report hospitalizations, UM System President and MU Chancellor Mun Choi has called that metric “hard to know.”

There is also concern about the potential for an additional increase in cases resulting from travel to other areas of the country during Thanksgiving break, which begins Nov. 21. MU decided to continue its current format of in-person classes through the end of the fall semester.

The university announced Oct. 28 that it will require students to complete symptom self-checks via the required Campus Clear app before entering popular buildings including Ellis Library, MizzouRec and the Student Center.

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