Director of It’s On Us Mizzou resigns

Kelli Wilson, who’s been the organization’s director since June 2018, cited personal reasons for stepping down.

Kelli Wilson, former director of It’s On Us Mizzou, has stepped down from her role in the organization. MacKinlee Rogers, the organization’s internal assistant director, will assume the position of director.

Rogers confirmed Wilson’s resignation Feb. 12 in an email, citing personal reasons as Wilson’s choice to step down. Wilson took over as director in June 2018, according to It’s On Us Mizzou’s Twitter.

Rogers said she will operate as the organization’s director until they select a new one in May.

“Although my choice to step down as director was public amongst members, I had other private reasons for stepping down and doing what was best for the organization,” Wilson said in an email.

Wilson declined to comment further on the resignation, but reiterated her support for the mission of It’s On Us.

“As always, the organization is committed to its mission of ending sexual assault on college campuses,” Rogers said in an email.

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