Faculty Council releases statement of concern regarding university leadership

“This unresolved situation erodes our ability to perform faculty duties of teaching, research and outreach,” the statement read.

Update: Chair of Faculty Council Ben Trachtenberg released a statement Saturday supporting the efforts of "every student who is struggling to make Mizzou a more tolerant, peaceful, welcoming and robustly intellectual institution." Trachtenberg also offered his sympathy to students who "all those who have borne the burden of the bigotry" on MU's campus. Trachtenberg's full statement can be found here.

Faculty Council released a statement after its meeting today expressing “deep concern” over the “lack of communication and the growing uncertainty” about university and UM System leadership.

“This unresolved situation erodes our ability to perform faculty duties of teaching, research and outreach,” the statement read.

Vice Chairwoman Nicole Monnier read the statement aloud after the council held a closed session. The council also discussed student Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike and the upcoming library fee vote in open session.

Hunger strike

Angela Speck, chair of the Diversity Enhancement Committee, encouraged council members to support the students camping out on Carnahan Quad in support of Butler’s hunger strike against UM System President Tim Wolfe. She suggested bringing students food, blankets and camping supplies.

“Regardless of whether we approve of this method of getting action, these are our students and they need our care,” Speck said. “Showing up and talking to the students out there and listening to them would be fabulous.”

Library Fee

Ann Riley, the interim director of MU Libraries, presented information on the proposed library fee that students will vote on Nov. 9-11.

“Pass or fail, the fee has raised the issue of library support on campus and we have had very many wonderful expressions of support,” Riley said. “We are very thankful for all these clear expressions of the centrality of the library’s role with students and scholars.”

Other Updates

Faculty Council Chairman Ben Trachtenberg announced that graduate students with quarter-time appointments that began this fall would receive full tuition waivers.

Trachtenberg also announced that the Kinder Institute would be moving from Ellis Library to the fourth floor of Jesse Hall. Bill Wiebold requested that the council write a letter of thanks to administrators and MU Libraries for the move and Trachtenberg agreed.

The council approved a revision to MU’s final exam policy to change the words “calendar day” to “24-hour period” in the policy that allows students to consult with instructors to reschedule exams if they have more than two exams scheduled in one day.

Tim Evans of the Student Affairs Committee proposed a rule change for faculty-led study abroad trips that would allow trips to go to countries even if they have U.S. State Department travel warnings.

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