Forum on Graduate Rights announces two-day walkout

The walkouts, planned for Monday and Tuesday, will protest what the Forum says is “business as usual” from the administration.

The Steering Committee of the Forum on Graduate Rights, along with the Coalition of Graduate Workers, announced graduate student walkouts planned for Monday, Nov. 9 and Tuesday, Nov. 10. According to a statement released Sunday by the Forum, the walkouts will be held “in solidarity with anti-racism activists at the University of Missouri.”

The walkout announcement comes the same day as a statement released by UM System President Tim Wolfe after a series of recent incidents on campus, including graduate student Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike, that said the administration is “open to listening to all sides” and is “confident that we can come together to improve the student experience on our campuses.”

The Forum said they are “outraged” by the statement in which “the University of Missouri System administration doubled-down on ‘business as usual’ as the path forward for our troubled campus.”

The Forum also said that their fight against the exploitation of graduate student workers has “common cause with campus fights against other forms of systemic inequality and oppression”, including student activist group Concerned Student 1950’s goal to remove Wolfe from his position within the administration.

“We believe an injury to any member of the campus community is an injury to all,” the Forum said in their statement.

The time and location of the planned walkouts have not yet been announced.

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