Freshman applications down from last year

The Office of the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management is concerned about the impact on enrollment for fall 2016.

Nonresident applications for fall 2016 have decreased by 941 compared to the same time last year, according to a Jan. 4 memo from Barbara Rupp, interim vice provost for enrollment management, and Director of Admissions Chuck May. The university has received a total of 18,377 applications for the fall, compared to 19,318 for fall 2015.

Enrollment deposits are also down by 383 from this time last year, but more deposits are expected to come when students receive information about orientation and residential life, according to the memo.

“Still, we are concerned about the decrease and are making plans for some increased yield activities this spring that might help to increase our deposit numbers,” the memo reads.

Applications are also down for transfer and graduate students.

“There is no way to accurately forecast our fall enrollment at this time, though we do anticipate a decrease,” the memo reads. “We are working closely with many on campus to make every effort possible in the coming months to minimize that decrease.”

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