Hoverboards banned from campus

The policy may be modified after the Consumer Product Safety Commission releases investigation results on the devices’ safety.

Self-balancing scooters, also known as hoverboards, are banned from MU campus beginning Jan. 8, according to an email sent to students Friday morning. The email cited the “potential impact on MU campus safety” as the reason for the ban.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating the fire hazard and other potential dangers of hoverboards, including the rechargeable battery that can catch fire.

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley said in the email this policy may be modified after the CPSC releases recommendations. The email also stated administrators want to “engage students, faculty and staff in the development of a more permanent policy regarding the safe use of these types of motorized devices.”

“It is important we work together to help ensure that MU’s roads, sidewalks and buildings are as safe as possible,” Foley wrote. “As always, please continue to be mindful of the safety of others, as well as yourselves.”

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