Mizzou Alternative Breaks partners with MU Extension

MU Extension also announced a new scholarship to help volunteers with financial need.

On Monday, Mizzou Alternative Breaks announced its new partnership with MU Extension to continue serving the state of Missouri. MU Extension also announced a new scholarship that will help with service trips. MAB also celebrated reaching its goal of serving all 114 counties in Missouri one year early.

In 2014, MAB had a different partnership with MU Extension and pledged to serve all 114 counties in Missouri as well as the city of St. Louis by 2020. MAB met the goal in March after its service trip to Linn County, according to an MU News Bureau news release.

According to an MU News Bureau news release, MU Extension has committed $10,350 to MAB to help 90 students who need financial aid to participate in MAB service trips. In addition to this scholarship, MU Extension will also sponsor MAB service trips during Thanksgiving break, which will be served in St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield.

"The partnership is incredibly important to us,” Matthew Carroll, senior and MAB executive board member, said. “We do a lot of trips through Mizzou Alternative Breaks and MU Extension gives us the chance to connect with Missouri counties to do grassroots service. It really allows us to emphasize the fact that we can bring it home."

Chancellor Alexander Cartwright thanked MAB for its work and how it represents MU.

“Thank you for all that you’re doing for Mizzou,” Cartwright said in his speech. “Thank you for how well you represent us, but more importantly, thank you for everything you’re doing for all the different entities you go out and help. The 114 counties, the city of St. Louis, all the things you’re doing in this state proves that once again that we’re not just the University of Missouri, we’re the university for Missouri.”

This partnership will allow MAB to continue its work and spread its impact throughout the state and country.

“When you go out and you do the alternative breaks and do the work you do, you’re allowing us in a different way to touch those lives,” Marshall Stewart, vice chancellor for extension and engagement, said during his speech. “Today, we celebrate that by announcing that we’re going to do more of it.”

Stewart said in an MU News Bureau news release that he is hoping for 2,500 participants in MAB service trips by 2030.

“We may be finished with all 114 counties, but our work is not done,” Stewart said in his speech. “That was just to get it going. What we need you to do is continue with this partnership and help us figure out how to get more young people these opportunities.”

Stewart ended his speech with a statement about serving locally.

“If we take care of Missourians, Missourians will take care of us,” he said.

Edited by Laura Evans | levans@themaneater.com

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