Mizzou Athletics faces outrage for sending racist tweet

The tweet, meant to promote MU’s diversity and inclusivity, instead displayed a lack of cultural awareness and empathy.

A wave of online backlash hit Mizzou Athletics when it sent a racist tweet intended to promote diversity. Later in the same evening on Oct. 23, it deleted the tweet.

The tweet even reached the twitter feed of Angie Thomas, author of the award-winning book “The Hate U Give.” In her response, she attached a screenshot of the tweet in question.

While the original replies were deleted alongside the tweet, users maintained their outrage in the reply section of Mizzou Athletics' apology tweet. Mizzou Athletics' original tweet was released as part of the second annual NCAA Inclusion Week, which Mizzou Athletics began celebrating on Oct. 22. Many users questioned how MU could release such an insensitive promotion while claiming it has a renowned strategic communications school. As of yet, no other official statement has been released by the MU administration. _Edited by Laura Evans | levans@themaneater.com_

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