‘More For Mizzou’ slate wins MSA presidential election

“More for Mizzou” received 1915 votes and “Tradition for Tomorrow” received 1017 votes.

The “More For Mizzou” slate won the Missouri Students Association presidential election. Presidential candidate Anthony Tretter and vice presidential candidate Kara Hjerstedt ran under the “More For Mizzou” campaign.

The winning slate’s planform consists of sexual assault prevention and awareness, mental health advocacy, a special education program and an off-campus housing website.

During the MSA presidential debate hosted by The Maneater, Tretter and Hjerstedt also spoke about their plans to increase transparency within MSA.

They ran against Trey Cook and Alaina Vacante of the “Tradition for Tomorrow” slate and will replace the current administration headed by MSA President Jennifer Sutterer and MSA Vice President Mary O’Brien.

More information regarding the inauguration date will be announced in the coming weeks, according to an MSA press release.

Edited by Alex Fulton | afulton@themaneater.com

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