MSA senate informational meeting informs prospective members about senate benefits

With 32 of 81 seats filled, the MSA Senate is taking measures to attract more members.
Missouri Students Association held their first senate meeting of 2019 at Hulston Hall on Feb. 5, 2019.

Missouri Students Association senate members spoke to a crowd about the social and practical benefits of joining the MSA legislature — currently at less than half capacity — at a Jan. 31 informational seminar at Jesse Wrench Auditorium.

The MSA senate offers chances to directly affect MU policies and a social environment to network and make friends, MSA Senate Speaker Jacob Addington said at the meeting. They’ve emphasized these points in their current campaign to elect more students to their 81-person legislative body, which is currently occupied by 32 members.

Addington listed some issues the MSA senate has experienced in filling open seats, such as lack of awareness and trouble with advertising. Addington plans on contacting MU’s various college council presidents to inform them about the open senate seats for the election.

“That’s a problem we’ve had for a while now,” Addington said. “Some of the more involved majors don’t always fill their seats, one because they don’t know it’s available to them, two because they’re intently focused on schoolwork.”

During the seminar, Addington explained the senate’s different committees and each group’s future goals for the spring semester.

Abigail Shaw, MSA senate communications director, also said the MSA senate makes students more aware of the issues around campus and then addresses those issues during meetings. In addition, she said the social benefits MSA provides can be another factor in recruiting more members.

“Making friendships in college is really important in keeping you engaged,” Shaw said. “Having a social life outside of classes and having something you can do together as a group that is also helping people is really rewarding.”

The senate’s relative flexibility towards each member’s level of participation is one of Addington’s favorite aspects of the senate.

“You could work on a project [or] help finalize the budget,” Addington said. “You can really do anything you want. That’s what I love about the senate. It’s what you make of it.”

Another informational meeting for prospective senators is planned for Feb 6. at The Shack, according to MSA senate’s Twitter.

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