MU Organization Resource Group enters third recognition period

Students interested in forming a new organization on campus must attend the information session on Feb. 4 hosted by the Organization Resource Group.

MU Organization Resource Group will hold the final information session for new student organizations in Cornell Hall on Feb. 4 at 4:30 p.m. Students interested in bringing a new organization to campus must attend the session to gain access to the application process.

“I think that it is important that new students have organizations that they either participated in [during] high school or ideas that they are really passionate about,” Claire Schallenberg, vice chair of administration said.

Applications open on Feb. 2 and close on Feb. 14. After the deadline, ORG enters the third and final recognition period of the academic school year. ORG uses the recognition period as a time to discuss the organization and ask the applicant questions that arise from the application.

After the two-week recognition period with ORG, the Committee on Student Organizations, Governments and Activities discusses the potential new organization.

Applicants will receive notification of becoming a new student organization on March 9 at the latest.

“On the application, the organization’s purpose is the most important thing to stand out,” Schallenberg said.

After earning recognition from ORG, applicants must complete the organization portal on the MU Engage website within 30 days.

“Engage is a great resource for new student organizations both during the application process and after becoming an organization,” Schallenberg said.

The benefits of becoming a recognized student organization include the ability to reserve available spaces on campus and access to the Student Design Center. Organizations also have the opportunity to visit Venture Out, an obstacle course designed for team building for an organization’s leadership team.

Additionally, new student organizations are eligible to receive funding from the student activity fee 16 weeks after becoming recognized by ORG.

“A lot of the new student organization find the most unique and fun things as marketing tools,” Schallenberg said. “Something that we have through our office is offering chalk for sidewalks. We try to provide as many marketing tools as possible.”

Students interested in forming new organizations on campus are encouraged to attend information sessions. Senior Baylen Roundtree attended the Jan. 29 information session and is in the process of bringing an anime club to campus.

“[As a student going through the application process] it’s fairly easy to get through as long as you have a solid foundation of what you want your club to be and who your target audience is,” Roundtree said.

Student organizations allow students to find like-minded peers and connect with a faculty adviser.

“I think [MU] will benefit by providing a fun and entertaining environment where those from diverse backgrounds can get together and discuss a shared interest in anime,” Roundtree said.

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