UPDATE: MU Student now safe after alleged disappearance

According to a screenshot of text messages time-stamped at 1:16 a.m., Akintola is with her family

According to a picture posted by Twitter user @JayWeirdo, Olaitan Akintola is now safe after her alleged disappearance from campus Wednesday afternoon.

Akintola is listed in the MU Directories as a senior studying psychology and is currently listed as the president of the MU Student Circle chapter of the National Association of Black Psychologists.

Earlier in the evening, multiple social media posts alleged that Akintola was last seen on campus passing by Hitt Street Garage at 4:30 p.m. and claimed she was missing.


IF YOU SEE THIS GIRL PLEASE CALL 911! Her name is OLAITAIN AKINTOLA (OLA) and she is missing!! She was last seen around 4:30 pm on Mizzou campus passing By Hitt street garage. If you see her please call 911! She has a gold '97 Toyota camary, with fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror. Please REPOST

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According to another post, both Columbia and MU Police and Akintola’s parents had been notified. CPD dispatchers were not able to confirm whether the department had received such report. MU spokesman Christian Basi and MUPD spokesman Brian Weimer were unavailable for immediate comment.

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