New Greek life policies will require GPA baseline for new housing guidelines

The Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board released a report April 1 outlining improvements to the Greek system.

MU announced Greek life policy changes to address issues including hazing concerns, freshman housing guidelines and diversity inclusion efforts.

The MU Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Board released the report April 1, and implementation dates vary from fall 2019 — for policies regarding self-reporting hazing incidents — to fall 2021, for new freshman housing policies.

The advisory board was created in January 2018 for the purpose of creating the report and addressing the five areas of concern identified by a previous external review board. It included diversity and inclusion, hazing prevention and member education, academic calendar and recruitment, freshmen in Greek housing and social event and risk management.

One of the new housing guidelines requires Greek life chapters to maintain a “rolling average of a 3.0 or higher GPA for two consecutive semesters.” MU will aim to connect chapters to academic centers, like the MU Writing Center, and fund academic advisers for chapters. By 2021, freshmen must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to live in a chapter house.

Matt Eblen, president of the Interfraternity Council Executive Board, sees these changes as a positive overall addition to the Greek system.

“I think that we have been working towards, and I think everyone is always working towards giving their members the best experience, and I hope we can continue to take those steps forward,” Eblen said.

The IFC Executive Board is a self-governing body that oversees Greek chapters within the IFC community and oversees any programs and auxiliaries related to the Greek system.

Eblen became the president toward the end of the advisory board’s investigation and suggested tweaks for the final report. He said Jake Eovaldi, former president of the IFC Executive Board, had a stronger role in dictating what went into the report.

Separate from the report, the IFC also has auxiliaries it supports, such as Active Minds Mizzou, a student mental health program, and Greek Allies, a program that aims to stop discrimination against LGBTQ Greek members.

“Our main goal through all these recommendations is to be the national model for Greek systems and show how to do it correctly and safely,” Blake Heckel, the IFC vice president of public relations, said.

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